About Us

Welcome to our seaside gem in Southend-on-Sea! Our independent coffee shop sits at the heart of a vibrant community hub, where freshly brewed artisanal coffee meets the energy of a newly developed neighborhood. Step into our cozy haven, a place where the sea breeze blends with the aroma of quality coffee, creating a perfect rendezvous point for local talent and creative minds. Join us in this intimate space that captures the essence of Southend's cultural renaissance.

Our Drinks

Explore the simple joy of our Signature Coffees & Drinks. Choose from a selection that's crafted with care, offering a comforting and familiar experience. Our beverages are a nod to the classics, brewed to perfection for your everyday moments of delight. Welcome to a space where your coffee choice is a relaxed decision, promising a sip of familiarity in every cup.

Our Food

Feeling a bit hungry? Take a casual glance at our menu. We've got a variety of options to curb your cravings. From simple bites to chef's specials, there's something for every mood. Join us for a relaxed dining experience where your satisfaction is our priority. No frills, just good food – because sometimes, that's all you need.

Contact Us

Got questions? We've got answers. This is your spot to drop any queries you have for us. Whether you're curious about our coffee or just want to chat, we're here. No fuss – just a place for you to ask whatever's on your mind. Let's keep it easy and casual. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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